Our Mission

We started Pragmatik AI with a straightforward mission:

Level the playing field.

Amazon are the masters of using data intelligence to fuel their shopping platform. Until recently it's been too expensive and impractical to offer similar technology to every merchant. On top of that, the AI's powering the ad bidding engines on the popular shopping platforms are there to primarily increase the revenue of organisations that built them.

Pragmatik AI are here to help you fight back. We've taken state-of-the-art technology and a pragmatik methodology to bring business intelligence tools that add value. We're more than an analytics company. Pretty graphs are the tip of the iceberg. We're energised to help you use data to make smart decisions, maximise ad ROI, and convert more customers.

The team behind Pragmatik AI have built technology for some of Europe's largest eCommerce brands and are deeply familiar with the problems you face every day. We'd love nothing more than to jump on a call with you and start nerding out over the numbers behind running successful eCommerce.

So, let's team up and win together.

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